Every image that John D. Chaney releases is of a limited number.  Each image is inspected by John D. Chaney to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.  The edition number refers to the total number of photographs that will be printed in addition to artist proofs.  After all numbers of an edition are sold, that image will never again be printed as a photographic print; making your limited edition photograph a truly unique work of art.


The actual colors of our limited edition photographs may vary slightly on-line due to your viewing capabilities.  Web viewing is not able to display the detail and richness of each image.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we have a 90-day "hassle-free" refund and/or exchange policy on all of our art.


Framing is included with each photographic work of art.  The hardwood frames include fine wood moldings in an extensive array of stains and finishes.  When ordering on-line, be sure to select your frame and mat from the "Frame Section" of the gallery.  Every image is meticulously inspected to meet our rigorous standards.  Mats and frames are selected to complement each other.  If, however, your personal taste and decor warrant specialized matting and framing, we will gladly accommodate you. The frame and mat are usually 4-6 inches wide, therefore, the final framed size will be 8-12 inches wider and taller than the image size. If you prefer to do your own framing, we can provide only the photographic image.  Choose "no frame" in the "Frame Section” for a credit.


We reproduce the photographic image on the finest quality photographic paper that is selected to match the image.  Each image has the most vivid color reproduction, brilliant whites and distinct highlight details. These papers deliver beautiful prints, with excellent image stability, consistency and performance. The images capture the vibrant colors and subtle hues found in our natural world. We strive to present your image as clearly as possible; therefore, we do not use glass so the true colors can be as vibrant as possible.  All photographic images are face mounted to Plexiglas with UV protective to guard them.  This type of mounting provides a richness of color and a three dimensional feel that is preferred by museums.


A Giclee fine art print refers to the most sophisticated ink-jet technology. The name comes from the French word “giclée” (pronounced Zhee-Clay) which means "to spray." In this printing method, the canvas is carried by a roller while infinitely small pixels of rich, vibrant inks are sprayed on at very high speeds, rendering an amazingly smooth and consistent image true to the original.  The Giclee is quickly becoming the new standard in the art industry, and is widely embraced for its astonishing quality by major museums, galleries, publishers and artists alike. The latest inks offer up to 70 years light-fastness and UV-resistance under museum archival conditions.  Yet, for even better performance, we coat all our canvas Giclee prints with a layer of anti-fading UV protective clear satin glaze.


Every image is meticulously inspected to meet our quality standards before shipping.  If you are not completely satisfied with your work of art simply return it within 90 days for a full refund or exchange.